Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a psychotherapeutic process which combines both visual and nonverbal with verbal expression and communication to work through personal challenges and problems arising from various life changes, conflicts, burn out, relationship problems, trauma, low self-esteem, to mentions a few…. All of which may manifest themselves in states of stress, high anxiety, depression, pain, insomnia, eating disorders, various physical ailments, etc…affecting many areas of life.

Art Therapy involves creating personal imagery and exploring and learning to understand what they are expressing. The creative process and art work are considered in terms of their therapeutic significance rather than their artistic merit per se. Clients do not require any special art skills or abilities.

Similar to dreams, the created images are gateways to the unconscious and the emotional brain. They reveal underlying issues, conflicts and concerns, which then can be addressed appropriately in the therapeutic setting. Depending on the problem, short or long term therapy would be required.

It is indeed, a very effective process, as it brings to light theses unconscious factors which do contribute to a person’s emotional, mental/psychological and behavioral turmoil. Becoming aware of these deeply seated, behind-the-scenes influences, allows a person to diffuse the situation more easily and then to create strategies that lead to an acceptable resolution to the conflict(s).

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