The human being is an organic, ever-changing, interdependent, interactive and relationship based organism. There are a lot of things that go on in this body/mind complex… many transactions. In all this hubbub of activities every part and system of the body/mind are involved.  Given that all this is going on inside and out, the brain has a big job organizing and answering the needs and demands made on it to keep this organism going.

It is not surprising or even unexpected that things can get imbalanced. The mind is a busy, busy place and has great influence on the brain whose job it is to pay attention and respond, and make sure the body works and works well. A lot of misperceptions or poor communication happens and this very busy network is bound to get gridlocked and jammed up. At that point discomfort is experienced and may show itself in physical, emotional, psychological,  mental and/or even spiritual imbalances.

Enter BodyTalk.

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