BodyTalk Session


What happens in a session:

The practitioner is looking for imbalances, blockages and/or breakdowns of communication in the client’s body/mind complex.

This is done through asking a series of questions of the person’s own innate wisdom/intelligence.  The questions are based on the BodyTalk protocol chart, which includes an extensive overview of parts and systems of the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects of a person.

The yes/no answers will lead the practitioner to locate the problematic areas and link the different parts and aspects to each other thus jump starting and allowing the body’s own healing abilities to bring about desired changes.

An important aspect of this process is: PRIORITY. There can be several or many issues that the client would like to address.  However, in each session innate wisdom/intelligence decides what is most important or even urgent to be balanced. Everything will be addressed but in a hierarchy of importance.

The client lies on a massage table while the practitioner obtains in a totally none invasive way the yes/no answers. Upon conclusion of a sequence of  links of chosen priority parts/ apects, the practitioner gently taps the client’s  top of the head and sternum (heart center).

Tapping the top of the head allows the brain to get the message as to what it needs to focus on (i.e. the established sequence linking various parts and systems together) Tapping on the heart center makes sure that the sequence or formula is stored and remembered.

Heart and brain are working hand in hand to bring about better communication and balance to the system. The body is always looking to heal itself.

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