Hello Mira,

I want to thank you for all your help. My children and I are very happy with the sessions of Bodytalk you have given us and complementing it with Art Therapy for them, has been a great asset to both them and me by building a bridge of understanding between what’s going on with them emotionally, mentally and physically. Plus, the children look forward their next visit. Thank you so much.

Diana,  Nathaniel,  Emma-Alexa


Over a year ago my physical and emotional health was at an all time low. I heard of Mira`s work which sounded very interesting in that it was different to any other type of therapy I had experienced. She was just what I needed. Her insights have brought me to a much higher level of awareness and her physical work has improved my health. Her unique combination of counselling and body talk has broken through years of resistance that kept me trapped in victim mentality. Today I am a far happier and healthier person and I cannot praise her enough…

Jean Ambrosii


“Mira is very gentle and compassionate, yet powerful and honest in her therapeutic approach. She inspires healing and is easy to talk to. Her method of Body Talk has been highly effective for me in dealing with deep, seemingly unconscious tensions. I really enjoy Mira’s sessions and have recommended her to several friends and colleagues.”

Yasmin Fudakowska-Gow, yoga instructor


Blending her expertise from psychology to body talk, reiki to art therapy,  Mira’s method has been the most effective form of healing I’ve experienced. Each session brings insight and growth  but sticking to it has brought me to a major shift in my self and life has become significantly more comfortable as a result. I have recommended her highly and now many of the people in my circle are sharing the same benefits. Mira’s mix of healing on conscious and subconscious levels is adapted effectively to each person and we are all so grateful and dedicated to our work with her. To treat the body without the mind makes no sense to me when mind is over matter. Mira is the balance in health care I was searching for.



After many years of treating my body for the cause of my “unwellness” and trying a few different psychological therapies I have found Mira and the most complete body mind therapy yet. Mira has wonderful intuition and a desire to help people get better and she channels that through her treatments. Each Body Talk session makes me feel more free, loosening up old tensions and ‘ancient’ patterns of behaviour that had become a habit. My life has become more light, pleasant and fun since I began working with her. I have been able to let go of many things and am feeling revived and refreshed to take on new projects and endeavours. Mira’s body talk expertise balanced with her psychology background give her an ideal blend of healer and therapist.

Pierre Fry – engineer


Dear Mira,

Who would have thought my body had so much to say?  Could I ever have imagined such freedom from self-imposed bondage, let alone understand why I had allowed it to happen?  From the first Body Talk session until the most recent, there have been countless advances toward personal truth, emotions, revelations, and transitions.

Mira, with every Body Talk session you have taken me to a new level of awareness.  The result is that the collective lifetime jetsam stored, lodged, or hiding within my body is no more.  Gone.

Your passion for Body Talk supported by your wisdom have taken me on a most extraordinary journey – there is no final destination – but there is the personal knowledge that my true intention can be realized.  For this I am truly grateful.


Robina Nicol

March 9th, 2010


On dit souvent que pour qu’une thérapie fonctionne il faut que le courant passe avec le thérapeute. Dans mon cas, je peux dire qu’autant Mira que sa méthode m’ont aidé à transformer mon rapport à mon corps et à mes émotions. Je n’aurais jamais cru en venant la voir pour un petit soucis physique je puisse un jour atteindre un tel niveau de profondeur dans mon travail sur moi et régler tant de maux que je pensais partie intégrante de ma personne. Je tiens à remercier Mira qui avec compréhension, douceur, compassion et grande sagesse m’a aidé à faire tout ce chemin. 


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